Dreaming Out Loud or how to build a more inclusive Europe for refugees

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On Thursday and Friday, November 24 and 25, the first coordination meeting with Dreaming Out Loud began. A project whose main objective is to create a more inclusive and tolerant Europe in the receiving of refugees.
The project involves eight partners, social organizations from a total of seven countries: Integration For ALL, Sweden, Rinascita Società Cooperativa Sociale ARL, Italy, Fundacja Autokreacja, Poland, United Societies of Balkans, Greece, Leaders or Tomorrow, of Jordan, Community Development Institute of Macedonia, NGO COPE of Italy, and Jovesolides of Spain.
This first meeting was a unique opportunity to establish the first contact between the partners, and to know the structure of the project closely, as well as the various innovative activities that will be developed over the 18 months of the project.
Dreaming Out Loud will develop a first training methodology for youth in each country, and a second methodology for developing advocacy actions. Actions needed to demand attention, awareness and empathy in the face of such a serious humanitarian crisis. As stated in Solimed (Euro-Mediterranean meeting held recently in Valencia), Sami Naïr solidarity is essential. Even the creator of the concept of co-development goes further, "Structural funds should be withdrawn from countries that reject it."
In the world, there are more than 60 million people in situations of forced displacement, CEAR estimates that the situation is described as "an unprecedented exodus". The year 2015, says the entity in its latest report, "was tragic for the numbers of people drowned in their attempt to reach a safe country in Europe, but above all was a tragic year for the philosophy and values on which it was founded The European project ".
For all this, the ultimate goal of this project is to raise social awareness, and to stimulate the fight against racism and xenophobia. Work towards the attainment of a change of attitude towards the newcomers to Europe, and also of the people already in Europe under international protection.
Dreaming Out Loud is a project funded by the European Union, through the ERASMUS + YOUTH program. If you want to follow all the news, and activities of this program, follow us on #DreamingOutLoud.
"Charity is humiliating because it is exercised vertically and from above; Solidarity is horizontal and involves mutual respect ". Eduardo Galeano