InnovaT is a program launched to encourage social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Europe and Latin America

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InnovaT is a program launched to encourage social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Europe and Latin America
The program will strengthen the capabilities and skills of over 200 institutions and 1,500 youth workers in 8 European and Latin American countries dedicated to promote social entrepreneurship and innovation.
The 3rd World Forum of Social Innovation in Valencia will be a part of this project.
Today the world is experiencing major changes, and the continuing challenges are forcing the international community to propose new formulas to provide solutions to current problems. A great example are the new European strategies intended to promote social innovation and social entrepreneurship mainly among Youth. In the same direction, JOVESOLIDES and RED CREACTIVA launch INNOVAT. A program for young people from different countries, to promote social entrepreneurship in their communities through training and exchange of innovative methodologies.
INNOVAT is funded by the European Union and is part of the key action that seeks to promote capacity building for youth in Latin America and Asia. Launched late in 2015 and will last for 18 months in which meetings, workshops and videoconferences will be held.
Mostly, of the program actions are open to more than 200 organizations and 1,500 youth workers from the EU and Latin America. The program is led by INNOVAT JOVESOLIDES ESPAÑA, and participate as partners: Asociatia pentru Centrul European Integrare Socioprofesionala (ACTA) Romania - Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer (KT@INTERMEDI) Greece - The Innovation and Development Institute Principe Real (IDS) Portugal - Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (STUBA) JOVESOLIDES (Colombia, Nicaragua and El Salvador).
The project will contribute to the implementation of the strategy "Europe 2020" working specifically in the fight against poverty and inequality of the youth of Europe and Latin America. INNOVAT keys program will be:
Strengthening capacities of Youth workers. A training meeting for thirty young technicians in which they learn innovative methodologies such as CSSP (Creative solutions to social problems). In the same line, it will launch a Mooc (Massive Online Courses) that facilitate learning tools and highly proven methods of social impact and professional youth field.
Promoting social entrepreneurship among the Youth. The program plans to develop eight laboratories of social entrepreneurship aimed at more than 160 young people in each of the participating countries.
Social Innovation dissemination. As a part of this project will be the 3rd International Forum of Social Innovation (#Foro3IS) in Valencia (Spain). This time, there will be a wide range of international experiences and the presence of a political and academic institutions.
To launch this important project, responsible persons and youth workers of the partners will participate in a planning meeting to be held the first week of February 2016 in Nicaragua.
If you want to keep up with the developments of this project you can follow the hashtag: #Innovat