“Cartagena de Indias Jovesolides” has been implemented in Colombia since 2005. The Foundation was legally “born” on July 21, 2003 under Registration No. 09-3820-28 6,283, granted by the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena Colombia, which has been developing its project “FLAG OF COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP IN MIGRATION COUNTRIES”. The project has been developed through its Student House "Youth Solidarity", giving the opportunity to young people in rural areas of the departments of Bolívar to have access to higher education through a Scholarship Plan.
In 2011, Jovesolides Colombia expanded its scope to the departments of Córdoba, Sucre, Plato (Magdalena) and Caucasia (Antioquia), which allows young people to benefit from other regions and receive university education and leadership development through spaces such as Social Design and Volunteering which are made in their home communities. This process allows creating scenarios where young people become agents that accompany the development, implementation and evaluation of social entrepreneurship for the benefit of their communities.


Our mission is working for the welfare and social development of the most disadvantaged with the risk of exclusion, especially young people, boys and girls who are improving the welfare of their family and their life standard by creating spaces where values like solidarity and tolerance are strengthened in the search of more equal society.
This contributes to the construction of a new participatory democracy in order to generate the development of locations.


To be an organism through which people participate in socially, economically vulnerable situations, which allows building more secure and equal citizenship from a more inclusive view on a city project. Contributing to the development of the autonomy, respect and sensibilization in a way where participation is a human right in the context of everyday life.


Our philosophy is framed in social work of the community that underlines an urgent need for equal opportunities and raise of the necessary analysis, discussion, decision and solution to the problems that society is facing with, as well as strengthening of democracy participation at local, provincial, national and international level.


  • Solidarity
  • Leadership with an example
  • Respect for the individual
  • Team work
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Ethic