The Youth Association towards Solidarity and Development (Jovesolides El Salvador) was created on the initiative of a group of young students of the University of El Salvador and central American University Jóse Simeón Cañas which were given a scholarship of Fondation Bancaja in order to realise their postgraduate course in the University of Valencia in Spain. During their stay there, they had the opportunity to live with young people from different countries from all the world in the Mayor College in La Coma, with whom they organized various activities with the interaction and development in Roma community “La Coma”. The link of university life with community development inspired people to create Association Jovesolides in Valencia in 2009, and two years later, in 2011, Jovesolides El Salvador was created, having 20 members. Jovesolides Nicaragua, Colombia and Ecuador were formed afterwards. Jovesolides El Salvador started the project “University Residence” in 2002, with the object of providing unprivileged young people the access to higher education, orienting its new capacities from volunterism and solidarity towards development of their homelands.


We are an institution dedicated to facilitating the conditions of access to the higher education for young people with limited economic resources for education and promoting of their home communities located within El Salvador, doing a synergic work with organized communities, national cooperation and international solidarity.


We are a leading institution that supports its educational partner, focusing on facilitating conditions of access of to comprehensible higher education for youth, linking its new capacities in favor of development of their homelands, through critical consciousness. It is a social, voluntary and solidarity commitment.


Values that are related to our organization are: cooperation, solidarity, team work and transparency.