What is Jovesolides/History?

It is an organization dedicated to social development of the country, with activities for disadvantaged sectors of Nicaraguan society. Jovesolides is part of an international network based in Valencia, Spain which is also present in El
Salvador, Colombia, Ecuador and Morocco.


Since 2005 with the financial support of Bancaja Foundation in Valencia, Spain the project New House Residence is active. This project consists of a residence accommodation for young people, college students with limited economic
resources and spirit of leadership from different regions and departments. It is a space where intercultural coexistence, mutual support, academic excellence and social commitment are the pillars of this pioneering project in Nicaragua. In the strategic alliance it had with the Central American University, UCA, the Polytechnic University of Nicaragua, and Colgate Palmolive UPOLI, Jovesolides shows commitment to the education of young Nicaraguans.
We cannot ignore the constant help of other companies or organizations, effort and commitment of the Board and the members of the Board as well as partners which are giving economic support for the project to continue benefiting many younger.


Training of young leaders which are change managers, to promote community development.


Equality of opportunities and poverty reduction.


Transparency and responsible management. Jovesolides is an organization with a responsibility to respond and be accountable to people interested in their work on the results obtained, management of resources and their planned objectives sense. In this sense our work maintains a horizontal organizational philosophy that allows a level of effective communication.
Solidarity. It is the largest commitment we have to disadvantaged youth in the country, inspires us to want to learn together, share their difficulties, hopes and dreams, learn from their perseverance and denounce anything that threatens the integrity of the socially responsible.
Cooperation. We work in promoting volunteerism as a way to join forces towards the same goals. Diversity. All young people have a space, regardless of their place of origin, race, religious beliefs, political or sexual orientation options develop freely within the projects we execute.