Where do we come from....

Jovesolides originates from a project in a Valencian neighbourhood promoted by young students dedicated to environment connected to participation and social commitment. Young Spanish and Valencian people but the ones coming from other countries to Valencia met in a project about social integration in a preffered neighourhood, La Coma.

Making university studies compatible with the social projection was the basis from which different Jovesolides organizations which form Jovesolides network were constructed. This goal commitment and promotion of youth leadership is the point of convergence of the work developed for this network structure, that, among all wants to be a promoter of the social transformation towards the other point of view about the living and seeing developement.

How do we work?

Five main areas of work:

  1. COOPERATION IN DEVELOPMENT AND CO-DEVELOPMENT:: together with our delegations in Latin America and Morocco, we are promoting social inclusion, leadership, equality of opportunities and social entrepreunership of youth.
  2. SOCIAL SENSIBILIZATION AND VOLUNTEERISM: promoting active citizenship from the consciousness of the Valencian population, regarding social topics (especially in the young population).
  3. E-INCLUSION: promoting the battle against the digital gap, and approaching technologies to different groups with different social challenges.
  4. SOCIAL ENTREPREUNERSHIP: promoting youth leadership and creativity, with a constant focus on social benefit for the community
  5. SOCIAL INNOVATION: Finding other ways of acting, thinking in a creative way: constructions providing solutions for social needs.

Missions, visions, values:

Towards what are we walking:

We want to be an organization dedicated to promotion of the active citizenship through innovative initiatives involving persons or groups with different social challenges.

What is our challenge?

Jovesolides works for the equality of development opportunities, promotes global citizenship and involves people like agents in charge of changes in their environment.


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