Red Jovesolides

What is Jovesolides?

Sum of efforts and different realities with common goals

Jovesolides  is  a supportive  and  participatory  movement  focused  on  young  people  formed  by local associations with common goals as an association of associations of different countries of Latin America, Spain and Morocco. We are promoting youth leadership for the development of communities involved in migration topics, through creating opportunities with their community involvement.

Our constitution as organization was another step in the consolidation of an international youth movement articulated in an equality and interaction in order to modify the type of North­South relations, and to become aware of the presence of the South in the North since the migration and co­development. This structure  invites  to  build  international  networks  of  cooperative work  on immigration  issues,  community  development,  youth  leadership  as  a  change  in  strategy,  in addition to processes of social entrepreneurship and innovation.

Towards where are we going ...

Towards promoting  equal opportunities  and  creation of opportunities for local development in disadvantaged communities.

Towards  the qualification of young people capable of leading the development of their communities through the creation and strengthening of individual and collective capacities through commitment, leadership and youth social entrepreneurship.

What is our challenge?

Encouraging  the  creation  of society more  open  to  equality,  breaking  boundaries  that  generate inequalities  among  the  population.  Also  boosting  co­development  for  the  involvement  of immigrants in promoting their countries from entrepreneurship and innovative tools that generate positive social change impact.

What are we searching?

  • Promotion of equal opportunities in the poorest sectors of society worldwide.
  • Promotion  of  access  for  low­income  youth  to  have  university  education,  and  training  in  the context of youth leadership and social entrepreneurship.
  • Opportunities for cultural exchange and coexistence.

We are heading towards:

Equality, transparency, honesty, legitimacy, sustainability, leadership, solidarity, cooperation, trust and interpersonal respect.