"EVS is a unique opportunity for personal and professional development"

Amr is possibly one of the most positive people you can stumble across. And you always saw that attitude before life with a contagious smile. This computer engineer with a high sensitivity to what happens in the global environment, arrived in March from Egypt to do his European volunteering service (EVS) in Jovesolides. Since then, he says he has found his place in the world in the city of Valencia.
These eight months of stay and voluntary work in the entity have made him discover aspects unknown about himself. As he said "life is not living alone, and you have to share what you have. This makes you feel more human". And he also admits that his volunteering has made him "more responsible" in his work", and "as a citizen".
Amr decided to make his European volunteering service as an intrinsic need to expand his horizons about the world, to explore his abilities as a person. To discover what values accompany him, and with absolute conviction affirms as he said that "to give back what has been learned to the community".
His voluntary work so far has been very diverse. As he said "I have supported in entrepreneurship and social innovation activities in two projects called (InnovaT, YounGO)". And following his participation in these international projects, the young man undertook a small but ambitious initiative. This consisted of cycling a total of five countries (Spain, Andorra, France, Monaco and Italy) in 20 days. The main objective of this original route was to collect the different forms of entrepreneurship and business opportunities in these countries. And beyond collecting the information, he created a space in which to share it and make it accessible to all the people who were interested on FaceBook by page called “Business Hacker EU”. His social adventure also had its media repercussion, in Andorra and in Egypt.
On the other hand, Amr also works with the people who come to the telecentre (the Espai is the only digital place in the neighborhood of La Coma) to obtain their papers related to the Administration; Pension documents, unemployment ... In addition,he said that "I have given a basic ICT course, and now I am teaching basic english."
He likes to think that when in his day to day he attends to the neighbors and neighbors of the neighborhood, it helps them to "feel more safe". Like when he taught the basic ICT course to housewives, "with what they learned they could help their children."
Precisely in relation to this, Amr points out that working to achieve social inclusion of people through ICT is very rewarding. Because "it is normal to have problems in life, but do not surrender, you have to address them. And we, from Jovesolides, we help you."
This young man, 29 years old who says that "in the digital era, ICTs are of course indispensable", is involved every day in favoring the autonomy of the people who visit the telecentre. And to facilitate their learning even one day he thought to record a video about each step to follow.
Amr, who is progressing a little more in his learning of Spanish, recognizes that the training of volunteers is essential as he said "the right way to volunteer, not only what you have to do, but also to help you understand why That task is important, and to do your work better. "
He says that he has chosen Jovesolides to develop his volunteering because he is interested in knowing more deeply the field of social entrepreneurship, and how to apply it in any community to solve its social problems by offering services and turning it into business idea.